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Isotech specializes in reliable, high precision isotopic analysis for energy, environmental, pharmaceutical, forensics, ecology and food adulteration applications. Analyses are done in our private laboratory utilizing the latest technology, proven methods and strict QA/QC.

We are dedicated to providing high quality data and service to our clients. Because we are not a public institution, we are not subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. Consequently, your data is kept confidential at all times.

Our more than 20 years of experience has shown that accurate data begins with sample integrity. We strive to aid our clients in all aspects of sample collection and shipping to our facility, and we are always available to answer your calls and questions.

Stated turnaround times are based on the maximum length of time we expect to complete the work required. Actual turnaround times may vary depending on the complexity of the analyses and the number of samples being analyzed. If you have specific needs, please contact us.

You may view our analytical services by sample type or by isotope. If you would like to learn more about how isotopic analysis is being used in different industries, see the applications section.



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