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Many Isotech customers prefer to store natural gas samples for future analysis needs or in anticipation of analytical techniques not currently available. We are pleased to have offered this service for nearly 20 years.

Isotech has developed cylinders featuring special valves – both made entirely of aluminum and stainless steel – that are designed and manufactured specifically for long-term storage of natural gas samples. All equipment is thoroughly tested for leaks using pressure-vacuum differential to ensure that stored samples will remain representative of the original gas source, no matter how long they are archived. Samples submitted in normal cylinders can be transferred to archival storage cylinders in our laboratory.

Archival can span any length of time, but our standard arrangement begins with a 10-year storage period. At the end of that time, customers decide whether to renew the agreement for another 10 years or to dispose of the samples. All samples remain in our laboratory in Champaign, Illinois USA.




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